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West Valley City Journal


The Valley Journals began publishing the South Valley Journal in 1991. 25 years later, there are thirteen community newspapers serving fifteen cities in Salt Lake County. We are not the world’s largest direct mail publication, we are not the nation’s largest direct mail publication, and we are not Utah’s largest direct mail publication. We are each of the community’s Only Newspaper and each of the community’s largest direct mail publication. No Magazine or Newspaper can deliver you more results in the communities we serve.

For less that a CENT per household, we deliver results.

• Quality- we believe in true quality. Shiny paper and lots of pictures don’t guarantee readers. Local and relevant news stories, easy to read layout are just the beginning of what creates a quality publication. We strive each and every day to make the highest quality publication.

• Shelf Life- Our audits demonstrates great shelf life and readership. We insure this by having an exhaustive independent audit completed every two years. Over 50% of the homes still have their Journal at 3 ½ weeks.

• Hometown Recognition- we are the only paper in each community and our audits show that over 98.7% of people in the community know our publication. Over 86% households say that at least one person reads it each month and over 1.8 persons per Journal copy distributed, read it each month.

• Target Direct Mail- Get to just your community or to almost 200,000 homes and businesses each month. It’s your choice.

• Low! Low! Low! Prices- many magazines and newspapers declare they have low rates. Because they can offer you a small ad on a page full of advertising in a publication that reaches only a part of the community that you are marketing to. Don’t be misled and talked into this type of advertising.

• Guaranteed Delivery- The Journals uses the most dependable delivery system in the country. Every address in the city is reached using the United States Postal Service.


So, people say Print is dead. To those people, I usually simply ask, do you have a business card. Without fail they always hand me a business card. I look at them and ask one simple question, would you like me to give your business card to everyone in town. Without fail, they always grin and say yes that would be great. At The Journals this is exactly what we do. So I ask you, do you believe print is dead? 

Print has also proven to be more successful in getting people to websites than other advertising (including web). Want greater recognition on the search engines? Print again does this better than ANY other medium. You get your business to the first or so p

age and we can show you how to get people to select you more than the others on that page.


  • Does the publication reach the entire marketplace? Yes or No
  • Is your (penny per household) ad on a page with less than one other ad? Yes or No
  • Can you prove that the publication is distributed on time and to every house? Yes or No
  • Are there less than 70 advertisers in the publication as a whole? Yes or No
  • Does an independent firm audit the publication? Yes or No

 The Journals keeps our business local. The Journals has Utah employees, designed in Utah, prints in Utah, and is 100% owned by Utahans and it has been that way for over 23 years. None of our competitors can say that they keep more money in the local community, many of them are not even 100% locally owned.

Our Advertising Mission is simple- to get each and every one of our advertisers results. We are committed to supporting all those that support us. We hope you feel the same!