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West Valley City raises park rental user fees

Jan 05, 2024 02:10PM ● By Tom Haraldsen

User fees at West Valley City parks are being increased for the first time in 12 years. (File photo City Journals)

It’s going to cost you a little more to rent space in West Valley City parks. At the recommendation of the city’s parks department, user fees are being increased for the first time in 12 years.

All fee increases have to be approved by the city council, which it did on Dec. 5. Parks and Recreation Director Jamie Young told councilmembers that costs to provide facilities to renters have been continually increasing and rental fees have not been covering those costs.

She said staff members looked at those fees and compared them to similar facilities near the city and in other areas. By resolution, the new fees will now look like this:

• Pavilion rental weekday (M-Th) $80/$100 (resident/non-resident) 

• Pavilion rental weekend (F-Sun) $100/$125 (resident/non-resident) 

• Park open space use fees (festivals, circus, car shows, etc. $400/day) 

• Soccer field rental (before or after 2 p.m.) $100/half day 

• Soccer field prep to line field and goal areas $100

• Softball complex rental (four fields) (before or after 2 p.m.) $250/half day

• Field lights (per hour or fraction of an hour) $75

• Softball/Baseball field prep to drag, mark or rake $65

• Quick rake and re-mark $20

 • Electrical power tower set up $200/box

• Electrical power tower use $25/day

At the meeting, a resident asked if parking spaces can also be reserved by those renting a pavilion. Young said they cannot, but added one space can be set aside for loading and unloading near a pavilion. She said parks officials will try to move additional existing trash cans in park areas closer to the pavilions when they are reserved.

The Ridge and Stonebridge golf courses will also adjust the days and times when reduced golf rates are offered as part of the Player Pass. Young said golf rounds have increased over the last few years, with those using Player Passes taking high demand time from those willing to pay regular golf rates. That loss of revenue affects the overall cost to the city for course operation and maintenance. 

Weekend rates will now include Fridays, and reduced rates for weekends and holidays will not be honored after 1 p.m. The costs for those rates remain unchanged from current pricing.

In one other parks-related item, the council approved a contract with ACME Construction for completion of Sunset Hills Park, located at 6420 S. Oquirrh Mesa Drive. The three-acre park will include a playground, pavilion, picnic tables, benches, a walking path, exercise equipment, trees, shrubs, a drinking fountain and open grass areas. The contract was awarded for $1,537,610.75. ACME Construction was the lone bidder on the contract.λ