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West Valley business owner on a mission to help people think like a giant

May 08, 2023 03:49PM ● By Peri Kinder

Nicholas Townsend Smith (left) wrote “The Giants and the Smalls” to help people discover their greatness. He and his business partner Ryan Morris (right) are on a mission to help people recognize the giant within. (Photo courtesy of Smith)


ack in 2009, Nicholas Townsend Smith was going through some tough times. He was bankrupt, his house had been foreclosed and he was getting food through a welfare program. At the lowest time in his life, a person lifted him up and helped him see the world differently.

That experience led him to create his book “The Giants and the Smalls.” Published in 2020, the illustrated book is geared toward children, but the message is for adults, too. 

“It’s my metaphor of the inner journey which we all go through, which we all have within us and I had to go through my own,” Smith said. “My life didn’t change immediately. It took a decade to really start getting things together.”

Now the Bountiful resident and his business partner Ryan Morris are on a mission to bring the message to people all over the world. They travel to schools, work with organizations, host the Wake Up With Giants TV podcast and have developed a social media group, The Tribe of Giants, with thousands of members. 

Their passion project is to help people recognize they already have a giant within them. The book shows how adults can heal the parts of themselves that feel small and begin to pursue their highest potential. At the end of the book is a list of discussion points for parents and teachers to help children (and themselves) discover their own giant qualities. 

“The hope is that people will read the whole book about themselves. The Giants and the Smalls are both within us. There’s no in group, no out group, it’s not about other people. It’s about how we have small parts and we have giant parts,” Smith said. “We don’t need to shame them or chase them away. It’s about taking those parts where we don’t feel significant and turning them into giants.”

Smith has faced many challenges in his life. He was born in Oklahoma as the ninth of 11 children. His father passed away when Smith was 2 years old and his mom raised the family alone. He grew up in St. George and earned a degree in industrial psychology. He and Morris own Advanced RV in West Valley City and created Mandelbrot Productions to help share their giant story.

“I don’t think we go out and develop compassion,” Smith said. “I think it’s already there. When we can release some of those small parts that keep us tethered down, then we can naturally have compassion and empathy for others.”

Exciting things are happening for Smith, including a movie based on “The Giants and the Smalls,” the 12 Journeys SG training program based on the book, and his new project “The Tortoise’s Hair.” The book tells the story of Frankie the tortoise and her journey of self-discovery, self-love and kindness over conformity. For more information, visit

“We can reach each other in different ways and help each other grow. We have a global mission to impact 100 million lives,” Morris said. “We can go back to what is true, that you are a giant already.”  λ