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West Valley City Journal

City to add 34 streetlights

Jan 06, 2023 12:01PM ● By Travis Barton

West Valley City will see 34 street lights added throughout the city. (Courtesy West Valley City)

This should brighten up the neighborhood. 

The West Valley City Council unanimously approved a project that will see 34 streetlights added to 11 different locations throughout the city where they don’t currently exist. 

The approval authorizes up to $375K for the job, awarded to Cache Valley Electric. 

This comes after the council created a $3 streetlight utility fee in January 2022 to increase operations and maintenance budget which includes personnel equipment, energy, parts and materials and small contracted underground repairs. As well to create revenue for annual major repairs and capital projects. This will serve as the first major project of the program, Public Works Director Dan Johnson explained to the council in December.

Among the 11 locations, the largest spots of light infill will be 14 lights along 3100 South between 6400 and 6800 West and four lights along Westcove Drive just off 3200 West and about 4570 South. 

The price comes out to a little over $10K per light which is “kind of expensive,” Johnson said but “reflective of the construction market we’re in currently.”

The other nine locations include: 

  • Three along Colt Court near 4100 South and 4700 West
  • Two on 3860 West and about 2800 South
  • Two on 3680 West between 4400 and 4500 South
  • Two near 3270 South and 6225 West
  • Two along Losser Drive at about 3200 West
  • Two along Lester Street off Parkway Avenue
  • One in Meadowbrook Circle just off Cody Brotherson Parkway
  • One on 2970 South just off Corbin Drive
  • One on Vistas Haven Way