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Catch violinist and dancer Lindsey Stirling in her unique holiday performance on Friday, Dec. 16

Dec 14, 2022 02:59PM ● By Peri Kinder

If you’re looking for a fun, energetic Christmas concert for the entire family, Lindsey Stirling’s “Snow Waltz” tour is coming to the Maverik Center (3200 S. Decker Lake Dr.) in West Valley City on Friday, Dec. 16 at 8 p.m. 

It’s a unique holiday performance that includes Lindsey’s award-winning violin/dance combination that has earned her more than 13 million YouTube followers. The title track of her new album “Snow Waltz” has had more than 2 million views in two months. 

“I worked really long on this Christmas tour and it’s a show unlike anything you’ll ever see,” she said. “ I’ve heard from people it’s the best show I’ve ever done and after working for months on the production and the costumes and the choreography and all the moving pieces, it’s exciting to see people are genuinely loving it.”

Lindsey brings new and interesting interpretations to holiday classics like “Sleigh Ride,” “Little Drummer Boy,” “O Holy Night” and “Deck the Halls,” and introduces five original pieces that are sure to become holiday favorites. 

This tour also includes new elements that Lindsey has never done before: trapeze, Lyra aerial hoops and other aerial performances, all while performing the violin. From every angle, the show is always moving with moments of quiet peace interspersed with moments of vibrant joy.

“I’ve become known as a dancing violinist so the visual aspect of what I do is a huge part of my craft,” she said. “I wanted to level-up and challenge myself and give my fans something new to look forward to. I’ve trained for the last year to do aerial routines and develop the strength to play while swinging upside down. To see the audience light up and get it excited, it feels like a new layer to a show I always loved.”

Lindsey has been open about her struggle with body image issues. She said as she worked with a coach to learn the aerial routines, she found an appreciation for her body as “an instrument, not an ornament.”

“The more I focus on what my body can do, the less I focus on what it looks like. It’s become a very healing thing for me.”

One of her favorite performances in the show is her version of “Joy to the World.” The Celtic-based melodies add energy and playfulness, and includes a fun interaction with the audience. 

Lindsey wants the high-energy show to elicit a wide range of emotions from the audience and uses her storytelling abilities to convey humor, laughter, joy, love and the deeper heartfelt side of the holiday which she believes is the beautiful thing about Christmas. 

“I love that everyone has different reasons they love Christmas,” she said. “For some people, it’s spiritual, for some it’s family, for some it’s tradition and for some it’s joy. I think most of us find a combination of all those things and that’s what I try to do with my show.” 

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“I definitely designed this show for families and we have such a wide range of people that come out, from grandparents to teenagers to little kiddos,” she said. “I think people are really going to enjoy it. I can’t wait to come back to Utah. Going to Utah always feels like a hometown show.”