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Council finalizes new zoning maps for city districts

Apr 03, 2022 08:18PM ● By Travis Barton

By Travis Barton | [email protected]

The census has spoken and West Valley City has drawn new district boundaries.

The West Valley City Council unanimously approved the newly drawn lines in March where slight adjustments were made to three of the city’s four districts. 

According to the 2020 census, West Valley City’s population stands at 140,230. State code stipulates districts must maintain “substantially equal population.”

Keeping populations within 2% of the ideal population number (35,057 in this case), ensure boundaries followed major streets and keeping councilmembers within their districts were among the major guidelines city officials used when drawing the new maps.

District 4, represented by Councilman Jake Fitisemanu Jr., remained the same with a population size of 35,172. The district covers the southwestern portion and is geographically the largest in the city.

The changes came to the other three districts.

District 1, represented by Councilman Tom Huynh, covers the northeast portion of the city. Previously, his boundaries ran down Bangerter Highway to 3500 South before jutting east to I-215. Now the border with District 3 along Bangerter moved east to 3600 West where it runs south to 3100 South before jutting east to 3200 West. It then runs south to 3500 South before moving east again to 2700 West. Huynh voiced the most support for this option.

The change sees District 1’s population reduce by almost 1,400.

District 2, represented by Councilman Scott Harmon, will see his district officially squared off ceding area between 2700 West and I-215 to District 1. But a small rectangular piece of land from District 3 between 4800 West and approximately 4400 West will move into District 2.

Harmon’s district, the smallest in population size and covers the central portion of the city, will increase by about 2,300.

District 3, represented by the newly chosen Councilman William Whetstone, covers the north to northwestern portion of the city. While the district cedes land to District 2, Whetstone’s area acquires the area between Bangerter and 3600 West and a little bit to 3200 West between 3100 and 3500 South.

Though staff would have preferred the second option with cleaner boundary lines, the majority of the council were happy with either option with Huynh and Harmon preferring the option that was chosen.

“I think option 1 keeps the districts closer to what they are now,” Councilman Lars Nordfelt said.


District      Current Population      New Population

1                36,406                         35,018

2                32,475                         34,761

3                36,177                         35,279

4                35,172                         35,172