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Data privacy and security is a top priority for Comcast

(Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

Comcast Corporation believes the right to privacy is imperative. So, the global media and technology company does not use its clients to mine data. There is no tracking of visited websites or apps, identity information is not sold and when customers use the Xfinity mobile service, location data is kept private.

The company’s strong cybersecurity platform protects customers with multiple layers of security and stops thousands of cyber events every second of the day. With free protection software and tools, xFi Advanced Security, and access to free online advice, Comcast’s privacy team is on the job to protect you and your family from cyber threats.

“Privacy is essential, but understanding how to protect yourself can be confusing,” said Deneiva Knight, External Affairs Director at Comcast. “We’re here to help. We have a team who can help you keep yourself, your accounts, and your devices more secure.”

Because the internet service provider does not track web browsing history, information is never sold for targeted marketing campaigns or advertising. Comcast’s role is to connect you to whatever you want to do online, and it provides products like xFi (Xfinity’s platform that allows customers to easily control a home network), and parental and WiFi control features, to create the best and safest internet experience. 

When users navigate the internet, they tap into the Domain Name System, which helps people look up billions of online addresses every day. But Comcast never saves those searches. Every 24 hours, the company deletes DNS queries, except in very specific cases that protect against security threats or to comply with law enforcement. 

“We study our network data to assess how the network is performing, understand trends, stay ahead of capacity demands, and to build, test, and improve our products and services,” Knight said. “We do that only with a small sample of network data that is in aggregated form and never identifiable to any customer.”

As technology advances, Comcast knows the number of choices and changes can be confusing, so support staff is always available with tips, tricks, and advice whenever, and wherever, you need it. Artificial intelligence and machine learning also helps to detect and report suspicious behaviors, and the company regularly tests its products and systems.  

Comcast is proud of its history in protecting their customers and has a strong track record of meeting and exceeding privacy law requirements. 

As an internet service provider, Comcast wants to keep customers connected online. Whether you’re browsing the internet or working from home, it’s always working to protect your privacy and keep your information secure.    

“It’s an important responsibility and one we don’t take lightly,” Knight said. “Working to keep your connection safe, secure, and private is one of the most important things we do. We’re in the business of giving you a great internet experience; we are not in the business of selling your information.”