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Schmidt's Pastry Cottage spreading joy and happiness through free bread

Mar 17, 2020 04:11PM ● By Justin Adams

(Photo via Schmidt's Pastry Cottage Twitter account)

By Justin Adams | [email protected]

Is your local grocery store out of bread? Don't worry. Schmidt's Pastry Cottage has you covered.

The local bakery announced on Twitter Tuesday afternoon that each of its three locations will be distributing free loaves of bread each morning. 

"Starting Wednesday at 10:00 AM, Schmidt's will be giving away free bread. We are going to have 2 loaves of french bread for anyone that walks through our doors," announced the company on Twitter.

"The idea is that the first loaf will be for you and your family. The second loaf is for you to give to somebody else who might benefit from the loaf," continued the announcement. 

Each location will have 200 loaves to distribute each morning, and will be available until they run out. 

The statement credits the bakery's owners, Steve and Lucy Borg, for the decision to give back to the community.

"Their hearts break with what is going on with #COVID-19 and they want to give back to the community."

The tweet thread continued by clarifying that no one needs to purchase anything in order to receive the free bread, but they do welcome customers and are also accepting donations from those who want to help support their efforts. 

"We hope that with a little act of kindness on our part, and providing you with the opportunity to help somebody else, that we can add some joy and happiness to the world of fear and anxiety that currently surrounds us," they said.