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Ski & Snowboard News / Bird house contest to be judged at Alta

Nov 28, 2017 08:18AM ● By Harriet Wallis

A creative bird house contest is underway with Tracy Aviary and Alta Ski Area. It works this way. Kids and adults have already made real bird houses, decorated them, and submitted them to the contest for judging.

They can be seen at Alta before a round of judging takes place on Dec. 9. Then they will be sold at the Skiing and Birds silent auction also on Dec. 9. All the proceeds will support the first ever bird survey program at Alta.

Alta is a leader in caring for the environment, and this is a delightful element of their environmental commitment.

While “skiing and birds” seem to be an incongruous concept, the mountains are full of all kinds of birds – some of which you do not see in the valley. But what are they? Where do they nest? What foods do they eat?

If you sit outside in winter on a restaurant deck at Alta, you’re sure to see chickadees. And you’ll probably see a brilliant blue stellar jay. In the summer, humming birds thrive in the mountains. But there are many more unfamiliar kinds of birds.A bird survey will be a useful environmental tool.

This is the first year of the event. While it’s too late to enter this year, watch for “Skiing and Birds” next year and build a bird house.

In addition, join Tracy Aviary staff on skis the 2nd Monday every month to meet some feathered friends.