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WVC parks to see updates, new signage

Aug 31, 2017 06:50PM ● By Jana Klopsch

The Murray Park Signage that straddles its entryway. Councilman Steve Vincent said this could be an option for signage above the entrance to Centennial Park along 5600 West. (Travis Barton/City Journals)

By Travis Barton | [email protected]

Some West Valley City parks can expect to see facelifts in the next year. 

Nancy Day, parks and recreation director, presented to the city council in July the upcoming schedule for parks projects within the city. 

Impact fees would provide the funding for these projects, Day said. The fee is imposed by local governments on developers to offset the impacts of their projects. Those fees then go towards the city’s infrastructure and services, such as parks. 

Centennial Park

West Valley’s most famous park can expect completion, Day said. Turf is expected to be installed on the southwest section of the park, one of the last areas to be completed. The area is expected to hold sporting fields. 

Turf will also be installed 30 feet into the park from 5600 West and 20 feet from 3100 South. Trees will also be planted along those two roadways.    

The department will also be reviewing different types of signage for the park with tentative plans for a standard park signage at the 3100 South entrance and a larger electronic sign at the 5600 West entrance. 

“This would be a great opportunity to really let people know what events are happening, what things are going on within the city and the department,” Day said. 

Councilman Steve Vincent said he would like to see a grand entrance to Centennial similar to what Murray Park has with its signage that straddles the entrance. 

Mayor Ron Bigelow added the sign could serve as a demarcation point that people will then associate with the city. 

“This is also an opportunity to create an icon, if you will, or some symbol for West Valley,” he said. 

Day estimated the prices for these upgrades to the park would be around $710,000. 

Vistas East

Land owned by the city for nine years at 6000 W. 4500 South has plans to be turned into a park. 

With school starting, Day said they would begin public meetings to gauge what kinds of amenities can be included in the park as they start the design process.  

Mountain View Corridor Trail access

Two trailheads are expected along the Mountain View Corridor. The Greater Southridge Trailhead is currently under construction and once it finishes, the Diamond Summit Trailhead construction will begin. 

Fitness zones, or outdoor exercise equipment, will be included in both trailheads. 

Falcon Crest Park

Another park expected to receive signage is Falcon Crest Park. In the park’s almost five-year existence, it has yet to see a sign placed there. 

It will also see some fencing and sidewalk completed.