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Free PAD Screenings

September is PAD Awareness Month

September is PAD Awareness Month Local Physicians Offer Free PAD Screenings

“It’s not normal to have difficulty walking to your mailbox, it’s not normal to have constant leg pain or cramping. It’s not a sign that you’re getting older, it could be a sign of peripheral artery disease [PAD],” says Dr. Ryan O’Hara, an endovascular specialist with Comprehensive Integrated Care (CiC) who uses image-guided technology to diagnose and treat PAD. CIC is providing no cost PAD screenings throughout September.

“If you find yourself needing to rest because your leg cramps when you walk even a short distance, or at night you need to stand up to relieve a pain in your foot, that’s your legs and feet telling you they need help,” says O’Hara. PAD is a circulation disorder that may be causing these symptoms. It’s a buildup of plaque in the arteries, limiting the amount of blood that passes through them. “Blood brings oxygen and nutrients to your legs and feet which they need to stay healthy,” explains O’Hara. Without proper blood supply, the nerves and muscles in your legs and feet become starved for nutrients resulting in pain, burning, tingling, numbness, or cramping. These symptoms are very similar to neuropathy and in many cases, can become progressively worse. He says, “Leg cramps, sharp shooting electric type pain, or wounds that won’t heal are ways your body tells you it needs attention.”

The good news is the diagnosis and treatment are easy on the patient. A minimally invasive procedure is done in an office setting. Patients are back to everyday activities with almost no downtime, no stitches, and no overnight hospital stay. Medicare and most insurance cover treatment.

“The procedure is done through a tiny nick in the skin,” explains O’Hara, “Using image guidance, we go into the artery to find the blockage. Then with small tools, we remove the blockage and restore blood flow.

Dr. O’Hara urges people to talk with their doctor about any changes in their feet. He says, “The earlier the condition is identified, the better your opportunity for feeling better and the more likely you are to prevent long-term complications.”

Call 801-810-2999 to schedule an appointment. 

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September 16, 2021



Comprehensive Integrated Care (CIC) - Murray - 5343 S. Woodrow St, #100, Murray, UT, 84107 5343 S. Woodrow St, #100 Murray 84107 UT US

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