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Updated fire code to make West Valley City more business friendly

Jan 15, 2020 01:21PM ● By Travis Barton

Fire sprinkler and alarm systems through the fire marshal’s plan reviews could cost large amounts of money. Not anymore. (Pixabay/Stock photo)

By Travis Barton | [email protected]

In an effort to update current practices, West Valley City Council unanimously approved an update to the city’s fire code. 

The approval, according to City Fire Marshal Jeff Fox, not only cleans up some wordage but also makes the city more attractive to potential businesses by improving the inspection fees.  

Fox told the City Council in a Dec. 10 study meeting that contractors and sprinkler and alarm companies would never do business in West Valley City because of the fee schedule the city had. 

“I had very large, national companies,” Fox said, “say they would never do business in West Valley City because of the fees.” 

One example Fox gave was to install a fire panel as part of a sprinkler or alarm system could cost upwards of $5,000. 

“I have to charge a contractor $5,000 for $1,000 worth of work,” he said. 

After looking at other jurisdictions, Fox decided to go with a flat fee rather than base it on square footage. For a plan review with inspections, the fee is now $150 for systems with 1-100 fire sprinklers, $250 for systems with 101-200 fire sprinklers, $300 for 201-300 fire sprinklers or $200 and $.50 per sprinkler for systems with 301 or more fire sprinklers. 

The final test would be $75.  

Fox said the previous fee schedule was implemented by his predecessor. Though Fox also said he’s been adjusting the fees for inspections this way for the last 10 years, this updated code is simply now matching their current practice.