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4100 South to bury (some) power lines

Jun 10, 2019 01:46PM ● By Travis Barton

By Travis Barton | [email protected] 

Overhead power lines will be buried across 4100 South, but only some. 

A city owned road, 4100 South is in the midst of being reconstructed. Just last month, the West Valley City Council approved a resolution reaffirming its commitment to the project after construction costs came in nearly 29 percent over city officials’ estimate. The underestimate was attributed to the construction market and the limited amount of contractors available to do such a job. 

Power lines running east to west along 4100 South will remain, but the distribution lines that cross 4100 South will be buried by Rocky Mountain Power into conduit and boxes. The total cost to the city is just over $164,000 from state transportation funds. 

The City Council unanimously approved the resolution for the power line burial on May 14. 

Other aesthetic improvements along the busy corridor are planned including street trees, park strips and matching fencing, according to Russ Willardson, West Valley City public works director. 

It was just over a year ago in April 2018 when the council informally voted to not bury power lines along 4100 South as part of the reconstruction. At $3.5 million, a majority of the council deemed the cost too high, and felt the priority should be road care. 

The May 14 approval doesn’t undo that decision, but will see power lines at the following aerial crossing locations buried:

4121 West 

4129 West 

4200 West 

4250 West 

4380 West 

4430 West 

4460 West

4490 West

4508 West 

4556 West 

4650 West 

4700 West

4850 West

4870 West

5000 West

5070 West 

5093 West 

Holder Drive

5160 West

5250 West 

5280 West 

5350 West