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West Valley City Journal

City commissions art studio for wind art sculptures

Feb 07, 2019 03:12PM ● By Travis Barton

A rendering of the planned sculpture at 3500 South Decker Lake Drive. (Whitaker Studios)

By Travis Barton | [email protected]

Three artistic city markers are coming to West Valley.

The West Valley City Council unanimously approved the installation of three wind art sculptures to be positioned along the 3500 South corridor. 

In an effort to beautify the city by setting monikers through the city’s busiest street, city officials chose the northwest interchange of the 3500 South and I-215 off ramp, 3500 South and Decker Lake Drive, and Kuwang Plaza at 3500 South and 1824 West. 

Two of the locations are city property and the third, at Kuwang Plaza, will build on private property in coordination with the land owner.

While there were questions of placing the new sculptures at city border entrances, City Manager Wayne Pyle explained to the council they decided to extend what already exists rather than place them at corners and move inwards. 

Several sculptures are already in place along 3500 South. But plans to expand similar installations throughout the city are under consideration. 

The project will cost $112,655. Whitaker Studios will build the wind art. 

The council identified wind art as a city goal in last year’s strategic planning meeting. While the council’s vote was unanimous, Councilwoman Karen Lang was initially hesitant in spending that much money when there were other priorities.  

Design for the sculptures feature nine double helixes (Decker Lake Drive) and seven double spinners (I-215 off ramp). While Kuwang Plaza will have three desert palms.  

The helixes and spinners will have offsetting heights with the tallest reaching just over 23 feet. The desert palms max out at 13 feet.