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WoW works to help women rebuild their lives

Feb 01, 2018 08:04AM ● By Jennifer Gardiner

Graduates of 2017 Women of Worth pose for a photo during the annual fundraiser and gala. Judee Guay is in the back row center. (Photo/Judee Guay)

After 24 years of living in a marriage filled with verbal, mental and emotional abuse, Judee Guay found herself dreaming about the life she always wanted and what it would take to get there. 

Guay recognized that her current life tore her down. She fought with herself over the belief that she didn’t deserve better. Combined with her ongoing health issues that confined her to a wheelchair, she lost hope. Guay knew that if she wanted to get the life she dreamed, she would have to pick herself up, regain her health and learn to love herself.

Over the next couple of years she lost 100 pounds and became healthy through holistic means. It was then Guay met and married her best friend and the man of her dreams who supports her goals and aspirations.

Recalling those dark days are what now drives Guay’s passion to make a difference for other women. As an entrepreneur and speaker, Guay started coaching other women so they too can have the life they want. 

She helps them to rebuild their belief that they are worthy and capable through the use of tools that give women a clarity in certain areas of their lives. She teaches them to break the negative chatter in their minds, affirm their goals through finding positive beliefs as well as understanding who they were truly created to be.

Guay started her own non-profit, WoW Utah, Inc., which stands for Women of Worth. 

She helps women enroll in her year-long training program to find their voice and rebuild their lives. In 2012, WoW graduated their first 12 Women of Worth. 

WoW Utah provides life skills that helps empower women who have left abusive relationships or polygamy and who have had debilitating life experiences, such as addiction or illness. 

They are put through a journey of continued personal self-development. Women in the program receive a two-day soul revitalizing retreat with empowerment speakers, ongoing coaching and mentoring to facilitate lasting change and training on topics such as goal setting, health and nutrition, body language, interviewing skills, positive body image, and other resources for self-esteem building. Throughout the program they continually receive the support they need to facilitate change.

The women are then pampered with a new wardrobe and special treatment as they prepare for the end of the year gala that is a celebration of achievement for their transformation. 

The WoW Utah program has now seen more than 50 women graduate. Many have gone on to pursue higher education. They have become nurses, therapists, published writers, and many have found new healthy relationships. 

Several graduates transition into a second-year program as volunteers and mentors, where they serve other women trying to find their path. Some have become directors and serve on the board for the organization. This allows them to remain a part of the WoW family and to continue to develop by attending and being part of the calls and trainings throughout the year.  

 Guay says her vision of WoW Utah is to have a chapter in every state throughout the country. She hopes that one day due to WoW and other collaborative entities, women will have a voice, will believe that they are good enough and this will break the cycle of abuse.

WoW Utah will be hosting three fundraisers in 2018. The program is free for the women so the organization relies on fundraising and donations. 

Monte Carlo Night will be held Feb. 24; a car show is scheduled for Aug. 24; and the annual gala is in November. All events are intended to involve the community and raise funds and awareness to the purpose of WoW. For more information about any of the events or to donate, you can visit their website at

Volunteer and mentor applications are also being accepted. Nominations for Women of Worth 2019 will be opening in July 2018. To be on a waiting list, please email [email protected]