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Granger’s LIA commemorates Cinco de Mayo with fiesta

Jun 02, 2017 10:03AM ● By Travis Barton

Latinos in Action, a club at Granger High School, put on its Cinco de Mayo celebration on May 5. (Travis Barton/City Journals)

By Travis Barton | [email protected]
Though Granger High School had three separate sports games happening on May 5, the biggest attraction may have been its Cinco de Mayo celebration.
Put on by the Latinos in Action (LIA) Club at Granger High, the Cinco de Mayo celebration saw students and residents participate in a festival with games, food and Latino culture.
“It’s just really fun to see all these people talking and then you see your friend and you dance so it’s like going to a quinceañera,” said Beth Gomez, LIA historian.
In its third year, the event takes all year to plan, said LIA advisor Braydon Eden. With 350 members in the club and a 16-member presidency, Eden said they find what works each year and see what they can add.
“It just gets bigger every year,” he said adding he loves to see the parents come. “It’s just a chance to come to school, it doesn't have to be a place where my kid is in trouble.”
Carlos Almiron brought his family where they played games and got balloon animals.
“It was fun…we don’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo very much at home but my family had a good time,” he said.
The evening featured a car show, dunk tank, petting zoo and possibly the most important item, food.
“There’s food and everyone loves food,” Gomez said. Some of the Latin American cuisine specialities included chicharrón, pupusas (a Salvadoran dish), elotes locos (crazy corn), tamales and tacos.
Gomez, whose parents are originally from Oaxaca and La Paz in Mexico, said it was a fun way to show that culture.
“It’s really important because there are so many Latinos here (at Granger) and we need this celebration to just come together,” Gomez said.
Eden said the celebration is a way to embrace the demographics of West Valley.
“I just love seeing the people here and seeing the kids get involved so they can be future leaders and they can plan it when they’re my age,” he said.
Eden added he was impressed how the students assumed responsibility for the event.
“I just think it’s so cool how they’ve taken it over. They take care of it. I’m running around crazy, but it would be more crazy if I didn't have awesome students like this,” Eden said.
Gomez said even though preparation for the festival was stressful and tiring, it was all worth it.
“Yeah, it was hard, but I feel like it paid off. I mean look at all the people,” Gomez said.