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Students participate in the playful ‘un-holy war’

Jun 02, 2017 09:58AM ● By Travis Barton
By Travis Barton | [email protected]
The BYU-Utah game is known as the Holy War. For Hunter Elementary students on April 21, they participated in the Un-Holy War Fun Run.
The fundraising event, created by the school’s PTA, raised just over $4,000 with all funds going to the school. It was organized as a playful wager to see which students (associating with the Utes, Cougars or team of their choice) could get the most donations.
“I’m new here in Utah,” said PTA President Vicki Denison, a Portland native. “So I wasn’t too familiar with the holy war. We decided to make it fun and do the ‘unholy war.’”
Students could earn prizes for donation amounts collected and for who ran the most laps during the fun run. Two grades ran at the same time for the 30-minute run.
“Our goal with this fun run was to encourage physical activity for the kids, to not just sit on their phones or tablets (but to) be active and have a healthy heart,” said PTA member Christie Rasmussen.
Prizes included sports water bottles, balls from different sports and $25 Big 5 gift cards. The grand prize was a scooter.
Denison, who has two children at the school, said they held an assembly to kickoff the fundraiser and enjoyed seeing the kids’ reactions.
“It got the kids really excited, we showed them the prizes, and they seemed to have a lot of fun,” she said.
Rasmussen, a BYU fan, said the majority of kids were supporters of Utah, but their enthusiasm for the fundraiser was continuous.
“That I think was my favorite part was the kids getting excited that they’re getting involved,” Rasmussen said.
The fun run was designed where laps were completed after rounding four corners marked by BYU and Utah pop-up tents Teachers were at each pop up tallying the kids laps. The teacher involvement may have been Denison’s favorite part.
“We had music going and you could see the teachers get involved…you know dancing in their corners and stuff where their kids were coming to them. The whole thing was pretty fun,” she said.
All funds raised from the un-holy fun run went to the PTA fund that pays for programs such as red ribbon week, teacher appreciation week, star student awards and to help teachers organize field trips.
“All of that stays at Hunter Elementary to help our kids and we have a great group of kids that love our school, love our teachers,” Rasmussen said.
The friendly competition between universities played into the school year’s theme, “Hunter is headed to college.”
Rasmussen said they want the kids to have that goal.
“College is where their opportunities will be endless,” she said. “If they go to college and get their degree that they need than they'll be blessed forever. That’s what we want to instill in the kids.”