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Young makeup artist brings back the glam

Dec 08, 2016 03:09PM ● By Huy Tran

Andy Truong, makeup artist and owner of BeautybyAndy and TRU Lashes. (Huy Tran/H. Tran Photography)

By Huy Tran | [email protected]

With the flick of a brush, this beauty guru can “fleek” any pair of eyebrows to perfection. Andy Truong, 18, is a local self-taught makeup artist and entrepreneur. He started his brand BeautybyAndy at age 14 and has given hundreds of clients makeovers since.

“When I was in eighth grade, we took my sister to the Clinique counter to get her makeup done for a homecoming dance,” Truong said. “I was amazed at how the artist could use a brush along with a few products to make someone look so beautiful. It all started from there.”

BeautybyAndy began September 2012 and has gained a massive following on social media. Truong strives to use his skill to highlight an individual’s natural beauty.

“My goal is to make women and men feel confident. I don’t try to mask their true appearance. Makeup to me is to perfect, not hide,” Truong said.

Truong said his experience with makeup has been incredibly positive, despite being a male in the industry. He said clients recognize him not for who he is, but rather for the work that he produces.

Truong released his own eyelash line earlier this year. TRU Lashes has become a favorite amongst his clients.

“I think his work is something that can be really appreciated by others. The way he does make up, and the way he’s so passionate about it, really shows through his work,” said Monica Hunt, a regular client. “There’s something very special about his work, and it’s going to take him really far one day.”

His passion for the craft is constantly growing. Since the beginning, Truong has taken his work online and shared his love for the art to people across the world. His channel on YouTube teaches viewers how they themselves can use makeup to enhance features they already have.

“The face is my canvas,” Truong says. “As an artist, it brings me joy to see how the colors I choose for a client can morph into something truly breathtaking.”

Truong’s focus is on a younger market and he has done work for a variety people including brides, high school seniors and professional models. However, he believes makeup can benefit anyone, even men. His philosophy towards makeup has always been an organic approach, he said he is not a fan of “caking” the faces of his models.

“Skin should still look like skin,” Truong laughs. “Makeup should be layered, not slapped on.”

Such masterful work indeed requires an array of quality tools. Truong’s arsenal includes a sea of lipsticks, brushes and powders, all designed to fine-tune and perfect any look. However, he said his tools are not the soul of his work.

“It’s not just about the products,” Truong says. “My clients are paying for my art, time and experience. I buy high end makeup, because I care about quality, but I believe in the technique and skill of the artist so much more.”

As the business owner of a new lash line, Truong strives for innovation and aims for products that are aesthetically pleasing, yet affordable. TRU Lashes’ second style “Moni” will be released mid-November.

Truong has big plans for the future and aims to be an A-list artist. From humble beginnings to camera-ready, he continues to bring the “glam” out in all his clientele.

To learn more about Truong, visit and follow him on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter at “beautybyandy.”