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Townhomes, Mixed-Use Commercial Coming West

Oct 07, 2016 02:11PM ● By Travis Barton

By Travis Barton | [email protected]

Redwood Road is a changin’. 

The West Valley City Council voted 6-1 to see a zone change from manufacturing to residential multi-family making way for a townhome development agreement to be passed unanimously by the city council. 

“I believe this is very good for our city,” Councilman Tom Huynh said. 

The property is located at 3579 and 3605 South Redwood Road on 7.1 acres. The proposal shows that the western portion of the property will have three commercial building with offices, restaurants and retail uses. While the rest of the property will be balanced out with townhomes. 

One neighboring resident was disappointed with the development agreement. He said there is already dust blowing into his backyard. He lives in a house bordering the property to the east. 

“Townhomes are very tall…I don’t like the proposition, all I can do is probably move and sell house,” the resident said having lived at his current house for 10 years. 

The 1,800-square-foot townhomes are set to be two or three stories with two-car garages.

Russell Platt, the developer of the project, said he feels townhomes are the right development for that spot. 

“Going from the hard commercial to residential, I think a townhome development makes a perfect transitional zone,” Platt said. He added that he thought the townhomes would be sold at around $159,000 but are actually going for $235,000. 

Platt said after working with the West Valley City Planning Commission, they agreed to drop the density to 12 units per acre. 

“It’s a great place to be, we want to be a great neighbor, we want to do a really nice product on this piece,” Platt said. 

Councilman Steve Buhler said its actually better for surrounding residents that zone be changed to residential multi-family. 

“Although the property is not developed currently, anyone who owns or buys that property could develop it and I think there’s a much greater risk to your enjoyment of your property to have it zoned manufacturing,” Buhler said. “This is a better use for that area and for the neighbors right there than the risk of leaving it manufacturing and having something much more disturbing and obtrusive coming into there.”

While Councilwoman Karen Lang, who dissented on her vote, asked if the scheduled park inside the development could be moved to the eastern portion of the property for a softer transition. Platt said the park is better located in the center of the development for the people who will live in the area. 

Huynh said he feels good about the area where the development is going in. 

“It’s great for our area on Redwood Road and we can support further retail stores in that area,” Huynh said.